Ideological Loop (2016)



Propaganda has always been an integral part of war because it represents an highly controlled and prudent communication medium that can guide and control the thoughts of masses through the legitimacy of war, represented as a spectacular and necessary event, the creation of heroes and hatred toward an enemy. I have re-elaborated the typical language of propaganda: sometimes working on photos of both Nazi, Fascist, and communist propagandistic newspapers and revolutionizing the contorted message, or simply emerging the bluntness of elements, already present with close-ups that reveal significant and disqueting details. When the propaganda is extrapolated from its cultural and historical context, it seems no longer “comforting and positive”, but on the contrary, it reveals the hidden atrocities of war as it loses its typical arrogant and distorted hint. Furthermore it makes the individual doubt that the information and the freedom of speech are still nowadays controlled by media in a lesser devious and evident but still influenced way.



Text by

Giulia Guidi

Copyright. All works © Paolo Ciregia 2016